Mustafa.Supreme – “Colors” (Single Review)

Mustafa.Supreme is a rising independent R&B artist. After years of work and dedication, he has finally released his debut single “Colors” on all streaming services. With his career depending on this track’s success, will it elevate him to new heights or keep him as just another undiscovered singer?

Off the bat, the smooth drums and soothing guitar give the record a sound reminiscent to something renowned singer Miguel would use. After hearing Supreme harmonizing, the song only gets more relaxing when he starts singing. On the lyrical side of things, Mustafa questions the ways of a female who came into his life and snatched his heart. While theres nothing revolutionary about what he is saying, his unique vocal delivery keeps things interesting. Once the first verse commences, we hear the more reflective side of this story. Mustafa recollects on his memory and establishes his true intentions and goals with his lover. Rounding his character out, Supreme accepts that he is a flawed man who can only do the best he can. After expressing his feelings in one hundred different ways, the catchy hook makes a final reprise, and the song ends.

In summary, “Colors” is a solid starting piece for Mustafa.Supreme to build his catalog upon. With a super catchy instrumental and some easily comprehendible lyrics, its evident he has a natural hit-making ability. Going forward, I hope Mustafa can build upon this success with a full-length project, which can further expand on his artistic arsenal. Be sure to follow @mustafa.supreme on Instagram to see what he does next!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Vibes, Instrumental, Vocals