Kent Jamz Gives His “Fanclub” What They Have Been Waiting For (Album Review)

Kent Jamz ‘Fanclub’ Album Cover

Kent Jamz’s first solo album “Fanclub” is a great example of an artist fully confident with their style and sound. The album is worth every second during the two-year waiting period since his last release (a collaborative mixtape with Buddy).

‘Fanclub’ is filled with plush high-quality productions, filtered messages of love and lust, plus plenty of Los Angeles centric visions. With songs titles like “Coachella”, “Boomerang”, “In Search Of”, you get a small glimpse of the inspirations that fuel Kent’s creative output.

With more that 15 years of creating music, and as a founding member of the mid-2000’s internet-savvy hip hop group Overdoz., Kent Jamz supplies his audience with the proper presentation and vibe they have come to expect.

His voice and collaborative input can easily be heard on songs from your favorite artists. He’s been sought after by most of Los Angeles’ critically acclaimed songwriters like Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, and Miguel – not to mention well-respected producers such as Pharrell Williams & Terrace Martin.

Kent Jamz ‘Fanclub’ Tracklist

Fanclub’ has an elevated amount of replay value. The content of the music is just as stimulating as his ingenious background ad-libs. While listening to this album, you become immersed in Kent’s world and tag along for one hell of an escapade.

The project’s sequencing is interspersed with phone calls, vocal interludes and conversations that we have come to recognize as a Overdoz signature (now we know who decided to include those skits on previous albums). For those listeners who are familiar with Overdoz’s sound, Kent raises the production value while utilizing a few of the same producers.

Ricci Riera, Axl Folie, Iman Omari (collectively known as ProducedbyTHC), and Mike & Keys (previously known as The Futuristiks) are responsible for providing the musical elements to showcase Kent’s alchemy. The album also includes quality soundscapes from Jairus “J-Mo” Mozee, Soraya La Pread, Huss, Matt Martians & Steve Lacy.

‘Set Up’ (produced by Like of Pac Div) takes the album to another realm with floating synths and percussions that allow Kent’s vocal to overlay and transmit energy transposed from outer space.

‘The Gram’ perfectly describes the addict-like inducing habits of society’s favorite social media platform.

‘In Search Of’ (originally released in 2020 but fits in perfectly within the current offerings) interpolates a couple N.E.R.D. songs, while bringing you into the world of a scorned woman and promiscuous bachelor. 

The songwriting in these songs is true to Kent’s vernacular. The artistic expression is strictly his own and fully encompasses a human experience. One can wonder how Kent’s music translates to his live show. I (regretfully) missed his stop in Los Angeles during Buddy’s ‘Superghetto’ tour, but after digesting this new album, I will surely cop tickets as soon as new show dates are released.

Singles: “In Search Of” | “Rollin with the Homies” | “All The Smoce”

Stand out tracks: “Set Up” | “The Gram” | “Girl Next Door”

Score: 9/10