Lighter Fluid 5 Hip Hop Event! Ft. Viva Mescal, Coyote + More! Going Down In Los Angeles 3/4/23 Presented By EOTR & 86Inka

Catch Viva Mescal headlining with Coyote & More at Lighter Fluid 5 Hip Hop event! Also performing The Crudes, Zoerene, Arquitekto, Verbal, Crazy Pip3, Steph Simon, IKE, DJ Survive and 86 INVITATIONAL 16BAR COMPETITION!!! Tickets EVENTBRITE.COM & website

LF5 – Hip Hop Conference + Showcase
Saturday March 4th in the LA Arts District
7pm at LOKELS CAFE 2010 East 7Th Street

Lighter Fluid is back! After a successful 2022 campaign featuring LA Hip-Hop’s best and brightest talent such as Gavlyn, Speak, Nuglife, Hazerd & so many more – we are excited to announce the return of the showcase along with new additions to our format!

The Conference: Meet artists, producers and entrepreneurs like yourself in our exclusive MIXER – featuring a special 1 on 1 Interview with Westcoast Hip-Hop Pioneer & Podcast Host Tony A. of Roadium Radio!

The Showcase: After the Gems are dropped – We will do what we all love! And thats kill the Mic! Our line-ups featuring the dopest in the city and around the world!

86 Invitational: Want to perform at one of our showcases!? There’s one guaranteed way to get your spot on a line up and thats winning the 16 bar competition! Sign up today to secure your spot! Best 16 bars wins it all!

Followed by DJs in the Mix to enjoy the rest of an amazing night under the LA Stars!

Lighter Fluid continues to feed the fire and keep the culture going strong.

Lighter Fluid Conference + Showcase is an event that started in Los Angeles by EOTR and 86inka in 2022 that celebrates the rich history of Latino contributions to the hip hop genre and provides a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their talent. Founded in a city that is a hub for music and culture, we believe that this event has the potential to bring together a diverse group of people and promote a positive and inclusive message. We believe in curating the best music and networking experience possible. Our goal is to spark a fire in the scene and provide a space for new and exciting talent to shine. Can’t pay to be on this line up.