Jay Honest – “True Love Never Dies“ (Single Review)

Not much is known about the up-and-coming Canadian recording artist Jay Honest. Crafty, creative, genuine are all characteristics that can be identified when it comes to rising talent. Allow his content to do all the describing for him and it does speak for itself. Eager to show what he can do, Jay Honest drops off his latest effort in an empowering new track, creatively-titled, “True Love Never Dies“.

Hoping to establish his presence as a new artist in the current trendsetting Hip Hop landscape. Jay Honest tells a story about his life with the use of metaphors and signature lingos. “True Love Never Dies“ turns pain into beauty with a positive message that the world can relate too.

The song’s production is appealing, nothing rough or rugged but hippy and joyful. Simple and plenty can best describe the instrumental as it caters to the rising star’s melodic message. Playing an intricate part in selling the song, the production balance itself out, giving its opportunity to shine and not overshadow the artist.

Lyrically, Jay Honest has some noteworthy moments with the flow; however, it is overlooked by the overdosed harmonizing he focused on in the song. Is he a rapper or Pop singer is the inquiry throughout the song. Gimmicky at best, the single has the potential to provide Tha Rapper with the commercial appeal he urges for.

In review, “True Love Never Dies” carries a feel-good vibe that has a tremendous amount of crossover ability. Jay Honest maintains a welcoming presence through his radio-friendly wordplay and positive approach. However, from a lyrical standpoint, Jay Honest’s style deteriorates as he moves in the popular direction. Any lyricist can identify his bars suffer when he begins to season the content with sing-a-long vocals. Eventually leaving Jay Honest with a choice to make when it comes to his sound.

Ranking: 7/10

Highlight: Lyricism

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