Yung Pooda – “Repeat Dat” (Single Review)

Yung Pooda is an up and coming independent rapper from Houston, Texas. His newest single is titled “Repeat Dat“. The song has amassed quite the following as it has almost 500k views on Youtube and rightfully so. The track embodies everything a modern hip hop banger needs with its strong substance and fun beat.

The track opens up with a smooth, charming instrumental, followed by Pooda’s hook. The song’s bridge revolves around the hustler’s attitude, which has enabled the young artist to obtain so much wealth and power. Following the hook, the first verse discusses the mc’s internal feelings of self-confidence and motivation. He states that his hunger for success has made him way too focused to be dragged down by other distractions. The second verse shows his versatility as he switches his flow up while also talking more about the already established subject matter. The only gripe I have with the core of the track is the second verse, which is way too short.

Overall, “Repeat Dat” embodies everything a catchy rap song needs in this modern-day and age. The beat feels like something Tyga could rap over while the lyrics feel like they could be coming from someone along the lines of Meek Mill’s mouth. With a unique style and evident hit-making ability, Yung Pooda may just become a household name in the future. Be sure to follow @iamyungpooda on Instagram to see how big this hit gets!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Catchiness, Beat, Flow