Skrizzy – “SZN”

Inglewood, California recording artist Skrizzy (formerly Young Scrap) developed a following with his laid-back persona and raunchy storytelling. After recovering from a Cancer, Skrizzy is back to continue on his path to greatness with the release of his new single, creatively-titled, “SZN.”

Like a phoenix, Skrizzy arises in the new song fiery, reenergized and rejuvenated. Potential Skrizzy best work yet, the new song is personal, confident and liberating. It clears a path to greatness that fans will gravitate to naturally.

About “SZN,” Skrizzy says, “This record is special to me because it was the first song I recorded after my battle with vocal cord paralysis as a result of cancer. My manager at the time said to me “you haven’t used your voice for a significant amount of time so it may take a while to get back in the swing of things.” I took it as a personal challenge and this was the outcome. This is my season (SZN), my space, and my time.”

Before making headway with his Music We Can Fuck To series, Skrizzy earned accreditation in chart-topping collaborations with DJ Mustard (“Love L.A.”) and V.I.C. (“Twerk It”). Fans normally discover Skrizzy most defining moments come in the previous album, Faded Ambition.

“SZN” prepares for more Skrizzy coming in the imminent future. Continue Skrizzy’s journey on Twitter. “SZN” is streaming now on all DSP via Forever Trill.