Q&A With Chill Will Da Don


What was the earliest hip hop memory you can recall?

Me sitting in my room writing 2pac lyrics down to memorize them to rap along to.

What sets you apart from other hip-hop artists in today’s music scene?

What sets me apart is I see the vision months before the album is even complete. I know what sounds and topics and direction I’m going even before I start recording.

When was it when you realized that rapping was for you?

When I started writing my own songs at age 15 my freshman year of high school.

Where did your moniker originate, Chill Will Da Don?

Chill Will came in college rapping in dorm rooms with a makeshift studio recording after football practice! They started off calling me “ill Will” at first then started calling me “Chill Will” because of my laid back demeanor. Da Don comes from famed Houston S.U.C rapper legend Lil Keke “Da Don” and my bros called me the Don because of the movie The Godfather movies.

Has this Corona Visus interfered with your music push?

The virus actually made me go harder recording music. No Shows, No Tours, just straight rapping! It’s a sport!

What do you hope new listeners take away from your new album “Evolution II”?

Hip Hop and Real music ain’t dead!

Did you vote this year?

No comment I’m a free thinker!

Any advice for new indie artists who are considering becoming a rapper?

Make sure your business is right!!