BhramaBull Drops New Album “Evolution 3” In Popular-Growing Epic Series

Each year since 2020, BhramaBull has released a volume of his popular-growing “Evolution” album series. The A&R and owner of ‘Gryndfest Music Group’, looks to highlight the best and most buzzing indie / underground artists with every edition.

The first (2020) featured nine-tracks, with the likes of SkoHee, Lil Xelly, Tiing, Mischif and more, contributing their talents to the project. “Evolution 2” arrived the next year on September 17, 2021 — this time with one song less (8), featuring guest appearances from J-Haze, Chris Crack, Raz Fresco and many other talents.

Keeping his tradition going, today he delivers “Evolution 3“. In celebration of releasing his third volume, Bhrama decided to step it up for the special occasion — and called for some major names. The biggest highlight is Rome Streetz on “Exit Plan,” a power-house lyricist who recently signed with Griselda Records. That alone can tell you the type of pen Rome has — as he has to keep-up and impress emcees like Benny, Conway and Westside Gunn. Other heavy-hitters include Def Soulja (“King Me”) from the Bronx, New York and 100GrandRoyce (“Rob Him Blind”) from a few towns over in Harlem.

Both Bub Styles and J-Haze return for their respective guest stops-carrying over from its predecessor — Bubs with track #2 (Shining), and J-Haze having two appearances, a solo track “Problems”, and “Lost At Sea” alongside DeGree.

Other quick-favourites are “Pockets” by Honda Carter from Canada, and “Paper Route” by Eighty Eight. All in all, “Evolution 3” is another solid showing of up-and-coming talent, curated by Bhrama Bull. ‘Check E Out’ also contributed as an A&R for the project.

The project was recorded at Ultrium Studios and Neighborhood Watche Studios in Los Angeles, California. It was then mixed and mastered by engineer Steve Glaze at Tone Freq Studio in San Jose. Artwork by DinnerLand C/O / ShakeVideo.