AU Drip – Australia’s Dopest Artists Right Now | May 2020

I had a chat with the boss man and he gave me the green light to feature a monthly list of five tracks from down under that have been on repeat lately, or are about to be. So strap in and have a listen to some of Australia’s dopest artists right now.

This first month, is all about Melbourne. Enjoy the AU Drip May 2020 Edition!

Lil Sriracha – ARKY

First up we have front runner for the title of Empress of Melbourne, Lil Sriracha. Now, as far as I can tell, she hasn’t been on the scene for very long but this chick is taking over and she’s doing it quickly! She is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Her latest video is a heavy hitting, hype track with some fire production from Kid Not. Check out the video above and follow Lil Sriracha on all social media to make sure you don’t miss the storm she is about to create.

Youtube: Lil Sriracha

Soundcloud: Srirachi

Spotify: Lil Sriracha

Instagram: @lilsrirachi

Twitter: @lilsrirachi

Facebook: @lilsrirachi

TikTok: @lilsrirachi

Fungai – Some Typa Way (Feat. Jah Tung)

Fungai is arguably one of Australia’s most hard working and under rated rappers right now. He has been dropping consistent tunes over the last year and has really been coming into his own sound as of late.

His latest is pure vibes! Enlisting Jah Tung on the feature, Fungai and co. have managed to create a whole mood with “Some Typa Way”. The video screams summer time and I’m excited to see what this guy does over the next few months. Go show him some love!

Soundcloud: Fungai

Spotify: Fungai

Instagram: @coolestrapperever

Twitter: @coolest_rapper

Facebook: FungaiMusic

Matthew Craig – Plug All Night

Matthew Craig is a Melbourne music industry veteran. The man has been better known for his work behind the scenes as he has been putting in work to put his brethren on at Real Music Family. After 4 long years, he has finally graced our ears with some fresh new music and it is super smooth with the assist from Delipress on production.

Press play, kick back and chill to “Plug All Night”. Then, go blast Matthew Craig’s socials!

Youtube: Matthew Craig

Audiomack: Matthew Craig

Spotify: Matthew Craig

Instagram: @whatmsees_rmf

Twitter: @whatmsees_rmf

Brandon Stone – All Out (Feat. Carlito Hendrix)

This next track comes with possibly the cleanest hook I have heard out of Australia in a long time! Credit Brandon Stone for calling on Carlito Hendrix to bless this feature. Brandon Stone had taken some time away, so this track serves as one hell of a welcome home track.

This young rapper has many saying that he is next up. What you think? – Let us know and go show the kid some Indie Hip Hop hospitality!

Soundcloud: Brandon Stone

Spotify: Brandon Stone

Instagram: @brandonstoneau

Twitter: @BrandonSton3

Facebook: BrandonSt0ne

Blush’ko – Al Capone (Feat. Jordan Dennis)

To be completely honest, this tune is the first I had ever heard from Blush’ko. But I have to admit, I’m a fan. I’ve been a fan of Jordan Dennis for some time now, so I wasn’t surprised to hear his slick cadance over a beat as smooth as this. Credit to Jujo Beats for setting the vibes and Matty Fads for the silky guitar licks!

It could be too early to say, but I think this could be a contender for Australian collab of the year. What do you think?

As per usual, go show Blush’ko some love!

Youtube: Blush’ko

Soundcloud: Blush’ko

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Instagram: @blushkokickeet

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