Armani Colón – “Armani” (Album Review)

It’s been a long time since I enjoyed an R&B album. I don’t dislike the genre, it just isn’t the kind of music i gravitate towards unless an artist I appreciate dabbles in those sounds. But Los Angeles has brought us another standout display of musical flexibility through Armani Colón and his self titled album, “Armani.”

As is the case with most predominately R&B projects, the album’s focus is more on subtle emotion and the overall vibe than any sort of display of lyrical ability or production quality, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in either. The production value is pretty high. All seven tracks sound full and flow together nicely. Nothing sounds out of place, and there is a fair amount of attention to detail with each instrumental.

Lyrically, Armani does not outperform anyone in particular, but as I said, that’s not his focus. Hie writing ability caters nicely to R&B, and he clearly has a background in Hip Hop, because he holds his own in the parts where he’s rapping as well. His best vocal work are very clearly the songs that he sings in, by far.

With all of that being said, you might still be on the fence about “Armani.” If R&B isn’t up your alley, then you probably won’t like it, but this is album puts Colón’s talent’s on full display. He navigates through each track with soul and heart, even if the subject matter feels diametrically opposed to that kind of tone. The creation of music is something that Armani does very well, and if you enjoy more mellow vibes and soulful singing, you’re very likely to enjoy “Armani” as I have.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Production, Vocal Work

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